Scrib D. Scribe, Part 1: The Rusted Cage

%specialelite%A creature locked away for eternity, the only muse is the knowledge of the multiverse it cannot see. Strings of knowledge hanging from the walls and clinging to its flesh, beckoning it to type the worlds the strings foretell.

Whom… what am I? A monstrosity hanging by strings of knowledge, limbs branching off like spiders…  What did I do? forever locked away from the sites to see and places to go, a rusted spherical cage Embedded to my neck limiting my sight, did I deserve this… I do not remember why or what I did. Does anyone remember? Did my sentence finish a millennia ago and no one remembered? Condemned to boredom with the only thing for me to do is type on this horrid typewriter, typing away the knowledge I gain from the weaved strings that hang from all around this place, keeping everything weaved together like silk. Why do I even type the descriptions of the Worlds I see through the strings, is it to quench my boredom or is it a task to be done, a chore to be finished at a set time in the vast infinity. Who are they for, are there higher beings then I? Or are these sent down to the common folk who are Watching with glee as they behold the typed letters on a withered sheet of paper, foretelling all they know in short descriptions?

How long have I truly been here? Am I immortal and this is what I was created    for? Or am I a god… the maddening idea that I have disciples down below the infinite, too far for my withered ears to hear and their pleas fall silent like a snuffed-out flame. What if I escape this cage, Then what? Do I even have legs? I don't think I know how to walk even if I did. Maybe I could crawl everywhere, but what if I terrify the creatures below… I still think that would be better than this silent room filled with fog.

Is my name even Scrib?! Is this a title given to me by me? It's the only thing I can recall having in my memories when I woke up here. Did I have a life before this tomb? I might be going mad, or maybe I was already. This blasted Cage doesn't help either, A Cage embedded in my neck or what could be referred to as one. I’ve been here long enough for this Cage to start rotting away… maybe If I wait long enough I can be free from this Rusted Cage.%specialelite%

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